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Instil is a live social platform connecting educators to learners.

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What is Instil?

Instil helps teachers showcase their qualifications, schedule classes (online or offline!) and keep students engaged.

Create your page

Create a page to promote who you are and what you do in one link.

  • Claim a unique Instil URL

    Search and create a unique URL for your profile. Share it around to your network!

  • Showcase your profile

    Write a public bio and add your social profiles. Your public posts and classes will be automatically listed for the world to see.

  • Create public posts and content

    Public posts boost your social rankings and helps you get discovered by new students. Students can also follow you for future updates.

Create classes

Work at your schedule, build your live education empire.

  • Multiple classes

    Create as many classes as you like to cover different billing scenarios, topics, audiences, and memberships.

  • Many schedules

    Create as many schedules in a class as you like, reach many timezones and learners.

  • Manage students via directory

    Instil brings student management together in one place. Manage and communicate with students through the classroom directory

Engage with your learners

Conduct classes for students across multiple timezones and schedules.

  • Live conferencing

    Integrate with Zoom, Google Meet, or your own preferred video conferencing tool. The choice is always yours!

  • AI-powered recommendations

    Your classes are presented through a searchable gallery, backed by an AI-powered recommendation engine, to help you reach even more students.

  • Posts resources and announcements

    Post exclusive content, posts, and resources for your learners in a social media format. Keep them engaged!

Get started today

It’s simple and only takes a couple of minutes!

Register an account

Create an instructor account and claim your personalised web address (

Create your public profile

Add your photo, banner image, qualifications, and experience.

Create your first class

Choose your class amount, currency, and timezone.

Some use cases

See how can you use Instil

Meditation classes

Kim is a personal instructor, she creates live meditation classes for her students around the world. She uses Instil to manage it all, from one simple interface!

Live tutoring

Vivek is a maths tutor. He uses Instil to create classes for his students, spread across many time zones.

Arts and crafts

Zuma teaches arts and crafts to children across the world using live classes. Her goal is to inspire them.

It’s free to get started

Nice and simple!

We're not here for the money

Bring your own students online and start teaching for free - no hidden fees.

What's included

  • Personal profile URL

  • Public and private posts

  • Classes and profile gallery

  • Global payments via Stripe


"Instil is a wonderful platform. It allowed me to create my profile page with a personalised URL. Instil manages my live classes, billing, scheduling in a super simple way. I especially love the social media style user interface which allows me to directly engage with my learners."

Celyn D
Augusta, GA

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